A Look Behind the Number

The Scottish Futures Trust (SFT) prioritises its efforts on achieving the very best value when money is spent on designing and building public infrastructure such as schools, roads and hospitals, or more recently on non-traditional infrastructure for digital communications. SFT also looks at where public sector buildings can be used more efficiently and effectively which in turn will deliver greater savings or create additional revenue.

The contribution SFT makes to the many projects it works on brings about savings and benefits and each year SFT is targeted to achieve a savings and benefits value of between £100m – £150m. For the sixth consecutive year, the value of SFT’s work was right on target, totalling £135m for 2014/15.

Ultimately, the impact of SFT’s work helps make a difference to people’s lives; whether that is helping secure future employment; opening up new training and apprenticeship opportunities; implementing initiatives to help protect the environment; expanding access to superfast broadband or by improving working environments by having flexible, well designed buildings.

This website outlines just a few examples of the benefits SFT and its numerous partners are delivering across Scotland and how they are helping make a difference to the lives of many thousands of people.

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Economic Growth

Many infrastructure projects within SFT’s work streams make huge contributions to Scotland’s economy, not only whilst under construction but also when they’re complete and operational.

Education & Training

Delivery of new schools and colleges create stimulating environments that help inspire students and teachers and encourage them to achieve more. SFT’s leadership of the Scotland’s Schools for the Future programme and NPD college projects helps create the right conditions for this to be achieved across Scotland. In addition, construction of these projects helps create and support new apprenticeship and training opportunities.


So much of our lives is now governed by having access to the internet. Whether used for talking to friends and family, accessing up-to-date news and information, shopping and paying bills or for leisure interests, being able to access high-speed broadband at home or on the move is now regarded the norm and is an essential part of modern living. This however can come at a premium and exclude those on lower incomes.

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Many completed projects across SFT’s work streams allow public services to be delivered to communities in a more joined up way. SFT’s work also delivers affordable housing in high-cost housing areas to allow individuals and families to continue to live in their communities as well as bringing communities together through better use of public sector buildings.


SFT’s programmes of work generate many opportunities to create employment, either directly through the initial design and construction stages or through longer-term opportunities that finished projects bring once up and running.

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The focus of SFT’s Low Carbon, Energy Efficiency and District Heating work stream is to support investment in the public sector estate to contribute to achieving Scotland’s Climate Change targets. SFT’s work not only generates cost and carbon savings, but also supports local economic development and improves the existing property estate for the benefit of all users.

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Design Excellence

The value of good design can never be underestimated. Architectural design which solves problems has the power to deliver improved working and living environments which benefit us all. SFT constantly pushes design boundaries, challenging architects and builders to consider and implement new ways to design world class infrastructure. This challenge is being met.

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